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To initiate action or start something in motion.

a bowling ball on a bowling ball in a bowling ball
a bowling ball on a bowling ball in a bowling ball


The idiom "get the ball rolling" has an uncertain origin, but it is believed to have originated from the game of croquet. In croquet, a player starts the game by hitting a ball with a mallet, setting it in motion. Over time, this action became a metaphor for starting a process or project.

What is the Meaning?

The idiom "get the ball rolling" means to initiate a process, project, or conversation. It is often used in business contexts to encourage action or progress, especially when starting new projects or discussions

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a soccer player kicking a soccer ball on the field
a soccer player kicking a soccer ball on the field


Imagine a large ball on the ground, stationary and still. To get the ball rolling, you would need to push or kick it, creating movement and momentum. This visual representation demonstrates how the idiom is used to describe the initiation of a project or process.

Automotive & TransportationContext - How to Use the Idiom

In the automotive and transportation industry, "get the ball rolling" is commonly used to initiate projects or discussions. Here are some example sentences of the idiom used in various business contexts:

Let's get the ball rolling on our new marketing campaign for the electric vehicle launch.

We need to get the ball rolling on the logistics for our new transportation hub.

During the project update meeting, our manager encouraged us to get the ball rolling on the SWOT analysis.

Compare Sentences

Without idiom: We should start working on the new prototype as soon as possible.

With idiom: Let's get the ball rolling on the new prototype.

Using the idiom "get the ball rolling" adds a sense of urgency and momentum to the sentence, making it more engaging and encouraging immediate action.

a train on a train track with a bright orange light
a train on a train track with a bright orange light

Over to you - Using the Idiom in Conversation

How would you use "get the ball rolling" in your business conversations? Try to think of situations where you could use the idiom. Consider reading this scenario aloud and recording yourself speaking to experience a more effective way of practicing the idiom. Here's an example to get you started:


Scenario: A business planning meeting for an automotive company.

Project Manager: Thanks for joining the meeting, everyone. Today, we'll discuss our plans for the next quarter and set clear goals and objectives. Let's get the ball rolling by reviewing our current performance metrics.

Marketing Director: Our latest ad campaign has been successful , in driving traffic to our website. However, we should get started immediately on a new campaign for our upcoming product release.

Supply Chain Manager: I agree, and we should also focus on improving our logistics operations. Can we get the ball rolling on a plan to streamline our supply chain?

Gap Fill Exercises

Add the idiom "get the ball rolling" to blank spaces in the following sentences:

  1. We need to ___________ on finalizing the designs for the new vehicle model.

  2. During the team meeting, our supervisor asked us to ___________ on researching potential suppliers.

  3. Can we ___________ on the presentation for the transportation conference?

  4. It's essential to ___________ on the budget proposal for the new manufacturing facility.

Quiz: Mastering "Get the Ball Rolling" in Business Contexts

What does the idiom "get the ball rolling" mean?

A. To complete a task

B. To initiate a process or project

C. To stall progress

Fill in the blank: We should ___________ on our expansion plans into new markets.

A. focus

B. get the ball rolling

C. pause

In which business context might you use the idiom "get the ball rolling"?

A. Starting a new project

B. Celebrating a completed task

C. Discussing a failed project

Choose the correct sentence using the idiom "get the ball rolling":

A. The project was finished, so we got the ball rolling.

B. Let's get the ball rolling on the employee training program.

C. We will get the ball rolling when we finish the task.

Fill in the blank: Our team needs to ___________ on identifying potential risks and mitigation strategies.

A. focus solely

B. get the ball rolling

C. determine the outcome

Scoring Guidelines:






Score 5/5: Excellent understanding of the idiom "get the ball rolling" in business contexts.

Score 3-4/5: Good understanding, but may need to practice using the idiom in various contexts.

Score 1-2/5: Limited understanding, may require additional practice and study.

Score 0/5: Consider reviewing the idiom and its usage in different business contexts.

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