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To begin a project, relationship, in a positive and successful manner.


The early beginnings of the idiom "start off on the right foot" is unknown, but it is believed to have originated from the ancient belief that the left foot was associated with bad luck, evil, or misfortune. In contrast, the right foot symbolized good fortune and success. Therefore, starting off on the right foot meant beginning a new venture, project, or relationship with positive intentions and a strong foundation, leading to favorable outcomes.

What is the Meaning?

Start off on the right foot" is an idiomatic expression used to convey the importance of beginning a task, project, or relationship in a positive and well-prepared manner. It suggests that making a strong first impression and setting a solid foundation can lead to better chances of success in the long run. This idiom is especially important in business contexts, where initial impressions and proper planning can significantly impact the outcome of projects, partnerships, or negotiations.


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a man in a black shirt is doing a push up
a man in a black shirt is doing a push up


Imagine a person walking into a room with their right foot first, symbolizing a confident and positive start. This visual representation emphasizes the importance of taking the first steps in any new endeavor with a positive attitude and a clear plan. The image also serves as a reminder to be mindful of the initial actions and decisions, as they can set the tone for the entire project or relationship.

Logistics and Supply Chain Context - How to Use the Idiom

In the logistics and supply chain industry, starting off on the right foot is essential for efficient operations and seamless collaboration between different teams and partners. Here are some example sentences of the idiom used in various business contexts:

To ensure smooth communication between our suppliers and warehouse, let's start off on the right foot by establishing clear lines of communication.

As a new logistics manager, I want to start off on the right foot by setting realistic expectations and building trust with my team.

When negotiating contracts with new carriers, it's important to start off on the right foot by being transparent about our requirements and objectives.

Compare Sentences

Without idiom: We should begin our project by clearly defining our goals.

With idiom: To start off on the right foot, we should clearly define our goals for this project.

The sentence with the idiom is better because it emphasizes the importance of starting the project well, which can impact the overall outcome and success.

Over to you - Using the Idiom in Conversation

How would you use the idiom "start off on the right foot" in your business conversations? Try to think of situations where you could use the idiom. Consider reading this scenario aloud. Record yourself speaking to experience a more effective way of practicing the idiom. Here is an example to get you started.


Scenario: A team meeting discussing a new collaboration with a major supplier.

Supply Chain Manager: As we begin this new partnership with our supplier, it's crucial to start off on the right foot. What steps can we take to ensure a smooth working relationship?

Procurement Specialist: To start off on the right foot, I suggest we schedule regular meetings with the supplier to discuss progress, address concerns, and share updates.

Warehouse Manager: We can also provide them with clear guidelines on our inventory management systems and ensure they understand our expectations and requirements.

Transportation Coordinator: To maintain a positive relationship, let's establish open lines of communication and be responsive to their inquiries and requests.

Supply Chain Manager: Excellent ideas, everyone. Let's make sure we start off on the right foot and foster a strong partnership with our new supplier.

Start off on the right foot - video - Logistics and Supply Chain

Gap Fill Exercises

Add the idiom "start off on the right foot" to the blank spaces in the following sentences:

  1. To ensure our new project runs smoothly, it's important to ___________ by creating a detailed project plan.

  2. When onboarding a new team member, it's crucial to ___________ by providing them with proper training and support.

  3. In order to maintain a good relationship with our clients, we need to ___________ by being transparent and professional from the beginning.

  4. To improve efficiency in our warehouse operations, let's ___________ by identifying and addressing any bottlenecks or issues.

Quiz: Test Your Understanding of "Start Off on the Right Foot" in Business Contexts

What does the idiom "start off on the right foot" mean?

a. Begin a task or relationship well and positively

b. To have a preference for the right side

c. To walk with a limp

Fill in the blank: When negotiating a new contract, it's important to ___________ by being open and honest about our objectives.

a. start off on the right foot

b. put our best foot forward

c. walk the walk

In which of these situations would it be appropriate to use the idiom "start off on the right foot"?

a. When discussing how to begin a new project

b. When talking about a person's favorite type of footwear

c. When discussing someone's walking habits

Which of the following is an example of starting off on the right foot in a business context?

a. Ignoring a client's email for a week

b. Providing a new employee with thorough onboarding and training

c. Failing to prepare for a presentation

Fill in the blank: To ___________, our team should establish clear communication channels and set realistic goals from the beginning.

a. start off on the right foot

b. put our best foot forward

c. walk the walk

Scoring Guidelines:

5 correct: Excellent! You have a great understanding of the idiom "start off on the right foot" in various business contexts.

3-4 correct: Good job! You have a good understanding of the idiom but may need a bit more practice.

1-2 correct: You may need to review the idiom's meaning and usage in different business situations.

0 correct: Don't worry! Read through the article again and try the quiz once more to improve your understanding of the idiom.

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