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The phrase "above and beyond" has its origins in the military, dating back to World War II. Although the exact beginnings of this idiom are unknown, it is widely believed to be related to pilots who went "above and beyond" the call of duty, flying higher and further than expected to complete their missions.

What is the Meaning?

"Above and beyond" means to perform exceptionally well or exceed what is required or expected. It is used to describe someone who goes the extra mile, putting in more effort, time, or resources than necessary to achieve a goal or fulfill a responsibility.


Imagine a superhero soaring above the clouds, going beyond the limits of the atmosphere, fearlessly pursuing their mission. This visual representation captures the essence of going "above and beyond," as it signifies breaking through barriers and overcoming challenges.

Beverage and Food Industry Context - How to Use the Idiom

In the beverage and food industry, going "above and beyond" is a highly valued trait, as it can lead to exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and increased profitability. Here are some example sentences of the idiom used in various business contexts:

  1. Our team went above and beyond to ensure the restaurant's grand opening was a success.

  2. The chef's dedication to using locally sourced ingredients is above and beyond our competitors.

  3. Our sales team consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

Compare Sentences

Without idiom: Our team did everything necessary to ensure the restaurant's grand opening was a success.

With idiom: Our team went above and beyond to ensure the restaurant's grand opening was a success.

The sentence with the idiom conveys that the team not only completed their tasks but surpassed expectations, showcasing their commitment and exceptional performance.

Over to you - Using the Idiom in Conversation

How would you use the idiom "above and beyond" in your business conversations? Try to think of situations where you could use the idiom. Consider reading this scenario aloud and recording yourself speaking to experience a more effective way of practicing the idiom. Here's an example to get you started:


Scenario: A quarterly review meeting in a beverage and food company.

Marketing Manager: In the last quarter, we managed to exceed our sales targets by 15%. Our team's dedication to going above and beyond in their client interactions played a significant role in this achievement.

Sales Representative: That's right! We received several positive reviews from clients, who praised our willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate their needs.

Production Manager: On the production side, we also we also made a great effort to ensure timely delivery and maintain high-quality standards. As a result, we reduced customer complaints by 30%.

General Manager: I'm impressed with your efforts, and I want to thank you all for doing extra work in your respective roles. Let's continue to push ourselves to exceed expectations in the next quarter.

Play the video

Gap Fill Exercises

Add the idiom "above and beyond" to blank spaces in the following sentences:

  1. Our customer service team went ___________ to make sure every guest had an enjoyable experience.

  2. The marketing department's efforts were ___________, as they developed an innovative campaign that increased brand awareness.

  3. Our suppliers have gone ___________ to ensure we receive the freshest ingredients for our menu.

  4. The research and development team went ___________ to create a new beverage that's both healthy and delicious.

Quiz: Test Your "Above and Beyond" Idiom Knowledge

  1. What does the idiom "above and beyond" mean?

    a) To do the bare minimum

    b) To perform exceptionally well or exceed expectations

    c) To work below the required standards

    d) To be average in performance

  2. In which industry context did we discuss the use of "above and beyond"?

    a) Finance

    b) Education

    c) Beverage and Food

    d) Technology

  3. Fill in the blank: The new employee went ___________ to impress their manager by completing the project ahead of schedule.

    a) below and under

    b) within the lines

    c) above and beyond

    d) side by side

  4. Choose the sentence that uses the idiom "above and beyond" correctly:

    a) The weather was above and beyond, so we decided to have a picnic.

    b) The designer's new collection is above and beyond the latest trends.

    c) We went above and beyond to the store to buy groceries.

    d) She went above and beyond in her job interview, impressing the panel with her innovative ideas.

  5. In the conversation example, what was one area where the team went "above and beyond"?

    a) In reducing customer complaints

    b) In finding the best parking spots

    c) In keeping the office clean

    d) In arriving late to work

Scoring Guidelines:

0-1 correct answers: Keep practicing! Re-read the article and try the quiz again. 2-3 correct answers: Good

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