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Above and beyond: To do more than what is expected or to exceed the requirements or expectations.

a plane flying over a cloud filled sky
a plane flying over a cloud filled sky


The origin of the idiom "above and beyond" is not precisely known, but it is believed to have originated from nautical terms. Sailors used the phrase to describe moving beyond a fixed point or overcoming an obstacle in their path. The idiom became popular in the English language through its use in the maritime and military fields to describe going beyond the call of duty. The idiom is currently employed to signify exceeding expectations or going the extra mile in various situations, including business contexts.

What is the Meaning?

The phrase "above and beyond" is used to express when someone performs exceptionally well or puts in extra effort in a given situation. In a business context, it can refer to employees who demonstrate outstanding dedication, commitment, and performance, often taking on additional responsibilities and providing exceptional results.

Prioritize Quality Communication

Quality: our daily routine.

two men in suits sitting at a desk
two men in suits sitting at a desk


Picture a sailboat navigating the vast ocean. A storm approaches, bringing with it high waves and strong winds. The sailors on board work tirelessly to steer the boat, going above the raging waves and beyond the storm to reach the safety of calmer waters. This image illustrates the determination and effort it takes to go "above and beyond" in challenging situations, just as one would in a business context.

Utilities & Energy Context - How to Use the Idiom

The idiom "above and beyond" is commonly used in the utilities and energy industry to describe employees or teams that consistently deliver exceptional results or take on additional responsibilities to ensure project success. Here are some example sentences of the idiom used in various business contexts:

Our engineers went above and beyond to resolve the power outage issue quickly and efficiently.

The customer service team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Samantha went above and beyond in her role as project manager, resulting in the successful completion of our renewable energy project.

Compare Sentences

Without idiom: The technician worked hard to fix the problem.

With idiom: The technician went above and beyond to fix the problem.

The sentence with the idiom is more impactful because it highlights the exceptional effort and dedication the technician demonstrated in fixing the problem, instead of just describing their hard work.

a man and woman sitting at a table with a tablet
a man and woman sitting at a table with a tablet

Over to you - Using the Idiom in Conversation

How would you use the idiom "above and beyond" in your business conversations? Try to think of situations where you could use the idiom. Consider reading this scenario aloud and recording yourself speaking to experience a more effective way of practicing the idiom. Here's an example to get you started:


Scenario: A project update meeting in a solar energy company

Project Manager: Good morning, everyone. Let's start with the updates on our latest solar installation project. Sam, can you provide an update on the engineering side?

Sam (Engineer): Absolutely. Our team has been working tirelessly to complete the installation ahead of schedule. We've managed to go above and beyond by implementing innovative solutions that have significantly increased the project's efficiency.

Jenny (Operations Manager): That's excellent news, Sam. Our clients will be thrilled to hear about the progress. As for the operations side, our team has also gone above and beyond to streamline the installation process, ensuring that our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and resources.

Project Manager: I'm impressed with the dedication and hard work from both teams. Let's continue to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional results to our clients.

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Gap Fill Exercises

Add the idiom "above and beyond" to blank spaces in the following sentences:

  1. Our maintenance team worked tirelessly during the storm, going ___________ to restore power to the affected areas.

  2. The safety manager's dedication to implementing new protocols has gone ___________ and has significantly improved workplace safety.

  3.  The research team's innovative approach to problem-solving has taken their work ___________, resulting in groundbreaking discoveries.

  4. By providing exceptional customer service, our support team consistently goes ___________ to ensure client satisfaction.

Quiz: Test Your Understanding of "Above and Beyond" in Business Contexts

Multiple-choice question: What does the idiom "above and beyond" mean?

a. Meeting expectations

b. Exceeding expectations

c. Failing to meet expectations

Fill-in-the-blank: Our quality control team goes ___________ to ensure that all products meet the highest standards.

Multiple-choice question: In which business context would you most likely use the idiom "above and beyond"?

a. To describe an employee who performs poorly

b. To describe a team that delivers exceptional results

c. To describe a project that is behind schedule

True or False: The idiom "above and beyond" can only be used in positive situations.

Fill-in-the-blank: The marketing team went ___________ by creating an engaging and successful ad campaign that significantly increased sales.

Scoring Guidelines:

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.

0-2 points: You may need more practice with the idiom "above and beyond."

3-4 points: You have a good understanding of the idiom "above and beyond."

5 points: Excellent! You've mastered the idiom "above and beyond" in a business context.

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